"Do You Have A GOOD Business or Organisation
You Know Can Be Transformed Into
A GREAT Business or Organisation,
But Not Quite Sure How To Do it?

"Learn how to propel yourself to greater heights of achievement as the pilot of your own enterprise and create your own personal flight path to wealth"

The Accelerator Blueprint Program dates are set for:



  • Thur, 30th March



  • Thur, 31st March



  • Friday, 21st April



  • Saturday, 22nd April

Accelerator Blueprint Program?

This program is seven days of business enlightenment.

The first two days are dedicated to finding out who you are as a business owner and where you are in relation to building your own personal wealth.

The next five days are dedicated to building a dynamic blueprint for your business, to manage it and run it in a way that is known by successful entrepreneurs around the world, but not taught – until now. The Accelerator Modules – Pedal to the Metal

  • This two day workshop will create a new dynamic financial paradigm to propel your enterprise and personal wealth growth forward.
  • We will combine wealth creation strategies, entrepreneurship and investing into one practical outcome – what you specifically need to do next in your enterprise.
  • We will show you where you are currently on the wealth map and how to get to the next level.
  • Save time, energy and money by getting clarity and certainty now – avoid following the wrong strategies for you, know what to say “no” to and leave a legacy for generations to come.
  • * NB We are not financial planners – this is not a financial planning program.

Why should I complete the Accelerator Modules?

  • This program will teach you how to take ownership of your enterprise’s financial future.
  • The modules we help you tune into your unique dynamic frequency and create your own supportive wealth network.
  • You will learn how to develop and implement a customised 12 week dynamic financial growth plan.
  • • There are eight paths to direct an enterprise. You are suited to one of these paths more than any other. We will show you how to accelerate your full wealth potential through your natural flow to wealth.

The Blueprint Modules – High Octane Gas for your Business Vehicle

This five day immersion experience will amplify your enterprise vision, give you the “eagle eye view” of your business, provide different operational perspectives and a Dynamic Blueprint to help you track the seasons and cycles of your business and suggest what to do and focus on next; whilst freeing up more of your time.

The Blueprint modules will outline how to build and grow your business doing what you love. Loving what you do and being well rewarded for it is the goal.

Based on the principles of I-Ching and ‘The Book of Changes’, this program will unleash entrepreneurial secrets that few understand. Those who have embraced these principles have created extraordinary social enterprises leaving a legacy for generations to come.

Why should I complete the Blueprint Modules?

What we achieve today is 100% the result of what we designed yesterday – start driving your business deliberately by building your comprehensive Dynamic Blueprint for the next 12 months.

  • We allow a limited number of entrepreneurs to do the training at any one time. This allows our Principal Master Trainer to share amazing insights into your business at a personal level.
  • We cover every element of your business concept and build a step-by-step strategy to ensure there are no accidents.
  • You will get the opportunity to present your Dynamic Blueprint to other entrepreneurs to receive valuable feedback and create more quality business connections.
  • You will receive “Hot Seat” coaching from your Principal Master Trainer.
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Meet your Principal Master Trainer

Victoria Jennings Co-Founder of Dynamic Academy – She brings over 25 years of experience in entrepreneurship, adult education, learning and development. Ms Jennings was introduced to the Dynamic Framework in 2006 and has implemented these remarkable strategies into her own businesses experiencing rapid growth going from herself and administration assistant in 2005 to 17 campuses nationally and now operating in California, USA.

Gain insights from Victoria’s journey, as she now shares these secrets with entrepreneurs, consultants, schools and colleges around the globe.

Victoria Jennings Co-Founder of Dynamic Academy

“A great session which can contribute significantly to an organisation’s strategic direction, culture and how we can best position ourselves in a competitive market”

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